EasiFIT Installation Guide

EasiFIT blinds can be installed in a matter of minutes to completely transform your conservatory. Using the little clips on each corner of the blind, they simply slot into your window frame with the minimum of fuss. EasiFIT blinds are designed for all UPVC windows and doors with a rubber bead.

Follow our simple guide below or watch the installation video for a step by step guide on how to install your EasiFIT blind. The process is quick and simple and enables you to complete your entire conservatory in next to no time.

Video Guide

Click the play button to watch our easy to follow, step by step video guide.The video will walk you through the straightforward process of installing your blind.

If you prefer, you can read through the process using the simple step by step instructions below.

The instructions are also available at the bottom of the page in PDF format for you to download.


Step by Step instructions

installation image one

1. Before you begin, carefully remove the packaging, making sure not to cut on the side where the cords are stored. Leave the bubble wrap on the centre of the blind as it's best to take this off when the blind is installed. Take the four metal installation brackets and place the transparent pads on the back. You should tighten the screws on the plastic component onto the metal bracket.

installation image two

2. The metal brackets have a wing to one side; make sure this points towards the inside of the window, away from the frame.

Then, simply push the four brackets into each corner of the window between the glass and the rubber seal.
A drop of washing up liquid on top of the plastic should make this easier.

installation image three

3. Next, undo the cords on the blind and pass the knotted end through the slot on the plastic component.

installation image four

4. Take the longer ends and clip them onto the top brackets by holding it at an angle. Then, clip the bottom two brackets into place in the same way.

installation image five

5. It is important to make sure the cords are perfectly parallel to the window frame and not twisted. If the cords sit at an angle, slide the brackets along the seal to align them. Then, carefully cut off the centre packaging and operate your blind. If the blind is too loose or stiff you can adjust the tension by undoing the knots on the plastic components and loosening or tightening the cords. Finally, trim off the loose ends on your cords and your EasiFIT blinds are fully installed.

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